Trending on YouTube: Solar Eclipse, Hip-Hop Apology, and March Madness, 2024 Solar Eclipse

Sophia Wilson

April 09, 2024

YouTube is a vast platform that offers a wide range of content, from entertainment to education. Every day, new videos are uploaded, and some of them quickly become trending topics. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the latest trending topics on YouTube and provide you with a summary of each one.

2024 Solar Eclipse

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will be visible across North America. The path of the eclipse will stretch from Mexico to Canada, and millions of people are expected to witness this rare event. Various venues and organizations are planning special events and live updates to help people enjoy the eclipse safely and learn more about astronomy.


J. Cole Kendrick Lamar Apology

Rapper J. Cole has publicly apologized to Kendrick Lamar for a diss track that he released on his latest album. In the song, Cole criticized Lamar's music and accused him of being arrogant. However, Cole has since said that he regrets the diss track and that he feels "terrible" about it. He has vowed to update the song or remove it from streaming services.


Caitlin Clark Iowa Performance

Caitlin Clark is a star basketball player for the Iowa Hawkeyes. She has been making headlines for her incredible performances during the NCAA Tournament. In the Elite Eight, she recorded the first 40-point triple-double in tournament history. She followed that up with a 41-point outing in the Final Four to upset previously undefeated South Carolina. Clark's performances have helped Iowa reach the national championship game, where they will face South Carolina once again.


Iowa vs South Carolina Game

The Iowa Hawkeyes and the South Carolina Gamecocks will face off in the NCAA women's basketball national championship game on Sunday, April 7. Iowa is led by Caitlin Clark, while South Carolina is led by Aliyah Boston. Both teams have had impressive seasons, and the championship game is expected to be a close one. The game will be broadcast on ABC at 3 p.m. ET.


These are just a few of the latest trending topics on YouTube. As you can see, there is a wide range of content that is popular on the platform. Whether you are interested in news, entertainment, or education, you are sure to find something to your liking on YouTube.

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